BHHS Meeting Minutes                   


SOUTH BRISTOL HISTORICAL SOCIETY      May 18, 2020               

PRESENT: Jonathan Gage, Ron Goodman, John Holtz, Ann Jacobs, Mark Obbie, Spence Parsons, Beth Thomas, Denise Van Deroef, Carol Zanghi, Alan Jones

ABSENT:  Sandy Adams, Debby Holtz

GUESTS: Lois Jones                                                                                    

CALL TO ORDER:  President Ann Jacobs called this meeting to order at 7:00pm 


TREASURER REPORT:  Checking account balance $12,461.27. Projected budget is going up about $1496.00

SECRETARYS REPORT: Motion made by Denise VanDerof and seconded by Jonathan Gage to accept the minutes as presented.


VICE PRESIDENTS REPORT: Alan Jones stated he had not seen  Cynthia Hawks.

            Bristol Fun Day has been cancelled.



1-     June Elections-  Cancelled due to Pandemic- Mark Obbie, Beth Thomas, Denise VanDerof who were up for reelection are back on the Board.

2-     NYS asked for another check for the merger application. The previous checks have not been cashed and they have all the paper work.

3-     Chicken BBQ July 4th…Cost to be determined….Are they available?

4-     Roof- Alan Pearce has not started the work yet. Ron Goodman questioned whether he should get more quotes. Alan Jacobs will contact Alan and will give him till the end of the month or return the monies.

5-     Highlander- Ann Jacobs will contact them and request they remove everything within 30 days if they will be doing it this year.


Membership- no report

Buildings and Grounds-

Public Relations- Denise VanDeroef  stated there would be no article in the Neopolitan till July.                

               Programs and Events- All events and programs will be cancelled for  2020. 

               Ann Jacobs will contact Steel Insurance and see if we can get a break in the cost.

               Building Rental- Mark Obbie stated that this is on hold.


Town Historian- Beth Thomas- Stated we could do a virtual gallery. There is a picture/painting of Burning Springs hanging in the Bristol Town Hall lobby.

On Wednesday she and 7 volunteer from the fire department will be placing flags at the graves of veterans in the local cemeteries. She also stated we need an alphabetical list of those in the Evergreen Coy and Baptist Hill cemeteries.

Accessions- Received a map from the Naples library of the Sullivan Trail.

Food Link is using the grange building for distribution at this time….Good PR


Tree peonies- Alan Jones stated that digging will be done in the fall and immediate planting will be needed-  

Alan will be donating the proceeds to the Historical Society.


Next Meeting- Will be called as needed.


ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn was made by Alan Jones at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Carol Zanghi




BHHS Meeting Minutes : January 20, 2020                    

PRESENT: Jonathan Gage, Ron Goodman, John Holtz, Ann Jacobs, Alan Jones, Mark Obbie, Spence Parsons, Beth Thomas, Denise Van Deroef, Carol Zanghi

ABSENT:  Sandy Adams, Debby Holtz


CALL TO ORDER:  Secretary Carol Zanghi called this meeting to order at 7:00pm 


TREASURER REPORT:  Checking account balance $11,597.41


SECRETARYS REPORT: Motion made by Denise VanDeroef and seconded by Mark Obbie to accept the minutes from November 18, 2019 as presented.



          Ann Jacobs shared notice from Gorham regarding dinner and program. 



Membership- Sandy Adams asked to be releaved of the membership chair responsibility. Beth Thomas volunteered to assume that position. Dues are due now. We need a current membership list.

Buildings and Grounds- Ron Goodman stated that we have / had a couple of red squirrels in the building. Filled in a couple of holes.

Events/ Programs- Denise Vanderoef shared the tenative 2020 Calendar- Some dates still need confirmation from some presenters

                                   and venders.                    

Highlander Bike Tour- Received a donation for $500.00

  Ascensions- 2 paintings have been donated.  Beth Thomas shared that the Dutcher log cabin in South Bristol will be dismantled and moved                         to the Naples Historical Society site if they will sell or donate it.

Public Relations: Denise Vanderoef stated the deadline for March/April issue of The Neapolitan is February 20th.

                                 A special thank you to Denise for donating the website fee for this year.

 Building Rental- Readers Theater is interested in renting the building. Denise VanDeroef stated Tina Blackwood is 

                                the contact person and she is from the Arts Council. Town Historian- Beth Thomas shared program information from

                               Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse Museum and also programs from Jane Oakes regarding hops.

Merger- Alan Jones stated that the paperwork had been resubmitted but we have not heard anything more.


Motion : The Bristol Hills checking will be the checking account used by both of the groups.

             Alan Jones                                  2nd- John Holtz


Mark Obbie will confirm date for flag program in April. Card signed and sent to Verna Terminello who is having surgery.


ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn was made by Denise VanDeroef at 8:13 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Zanghi



SOUTH BRISTOL HISTORICAL SOCIETY                   Minutes from Meeting on November 18, 2019

PRESENT: Jonathan Gage, Ron Goodman, John Holtz, Mark Obbie, Spence Parsons, Beth Thomas, Carol Zanghi, Ann Jacobs, Alan Jones, Denise VanDeroef,  Debby Holtz, Sandy Adams

GUESTS: Lois Jones, Preston Pierce and 2 others.


CALL TO ORDER:  President Ann Jacobs called the annual meeting to order at 6:10 pm


SECRETARYS’ REPORT: Motion made to accept the minutes as presented. Sandy Adams         2nd- Denise Vanderoef       Motion Passed


TREASURERS’ REPORT: Spence Parsons stated the balance in the Bank account is $10936.60.



          Workforce- Cancelled for Nov. 18th. Will contact Renae in January for 2020 dates.

           Roof- Alan Pierce has picked up work permit.

           Insurance- Merger needs to be completed before  combining policies.

           Merger-  Alan Jones will hand deliver a new copy of the paperwork this weekend at program. Beth Thomas shared that Pam Helming office may be helpful also. 


COMMITTEE REPORTS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

           Membership- We  have 5 more members.

           Programs- Denise Van Deroef will be back in January to work on schedule for 2020. Would like to have the flag presentation done

           again in June closer to Flag Day.

           Ascensions- There are more in Naples to be picked up any time before spring.

           Building and Grounds- Ron Goodman replaced light bulbs and light fixture in the front hall.

           Public Relations- Neapolitan and Pennysaver  notified for November programs. Ideally we would like to have everyone on the email list

           receiving a monthly newsletter.

           Building Rental-  Arbor Hill is still interested in use of our building . The Church may also be interested for use for receptions and



Motion to adjourn: 

        Meeting was adjourned at about 6:20  for program presentation.



PRESENTATION- The Lost Library of Canandaigua Lake – The Billy Lee Memorial by Preston Pierce.